Posted by Miranda December 22, 2010

It's been a while since we cuaght up with Luc and Rob from Triclops, i often find its hard to get them in the same place, but that may just be SDCC for you ;) Rumors are they have big plans for next year, so expect to hear their name dropped all over town.

C: What would you like to find under the tree this year?

Top pic made me immediately think of this link that Apeman sent me.

I'm fairly sure I won't be finding any of these under the tree but it is inspiring me to consider what we could make Doris the dog into.

My first choice is to paint her red and call her foxie! Can't work out if dogs like this kind of thing, I'm guessing not. Apart from poodles.

R: I'm a pain in the arse to buy for, especially at Chrimbo - I never really want anything, cause I've bought it all the month before ! So for that reason I'm gonna plug for my top pic of 2010... ' When Camels Go Bad !?

It's from this great website called ' Hey Okay ' ( ) he/she/they posted random snaps which always bring a smile to my ugly mug on a blue Monday morning !

C: What wares could your fans hope to be delivered by the big red guy?

L: Cloppy merchandise is pretty thin on the ground this year, unlike the snow which might scupper our Christmas plans, bah! Humbug . Mmmm, humbugs. We do still have a few of these 'Roadkill' travel pass holders up for grabs, at the bargainous price of £2.99 plus shipping (or 2 for £5 as it's Chrimbo!) Designed by Triclops and brought to life by good buddy Matt Jones at Lunartik.

R: I'm currently selling a Kidney... black market job, holla if you're interested ! Errrr, most of this year's stock has sold through pretty fast actually... THANKS guys. our Dunnys sold out real quick, Winston Stitches too - our SDCC stuff went in like 30mins, crazy ! Like Luc sez we've a few ' RoadKill ' travel passes left (email if you're interested) plus, I believe there's a few exclusive Stitches left in toy super-shop, Playlounge (

C: What excites you about 2011?

L: Hmmm, what excites me about 2011? Well, Pictoplasma Berlin looks like it's going to be a humdinger this year but I'll have to hurry back for 'Kapow!' London's first Comic Con which overlaps slightly with the former. Also, if we're allowed to pimp ourselves a teensy bit, we have a couple of tees coming out (Triclops' first clothing forays which we are umbrella-ing under the 'Tri-Cloth' label) plus an 8 inch figure with an up and coming designer toy company that nobody will have heard of.

We saw some great indy toys at SDCC this year, there was a lot of DIY resin stuff which was really inspirational and it would be great to create something along those lines.... we have irons in pies and fingers in the fire as we speak (or should that be the other way round?).

R: The arrival of my 1st niece -  I've got 4 nephews, so I'm looking forward to all tings pink & fluffy for a change ! Apart from that, errrr i'm not sure... Luc has filled you in with all our up&comin' projects ( t-shirts / a new 8" Dunny / a poster for The Poster Cause Project / our 1st colab resin toy for SDCC 2011 ) which I'm excited to see hit shelves / stands. What else... errrr a decent holiday, the UK arrival of Peanut Butter flavoured m&m's and UFO's over London >> check it

Merry Clopmas to one and all!

C: Thanks guys, have an awesome holiday! Hope you dont get too stuck in the snow.

Keep an eye out for triclops news here:


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