Posted by Nick January 25, 2011

Since Christmas UK graffiti artist INSA has been touring the West coast of America painting whatever walls he can find and this one in LA has to be one of the longest walls he's ever painted!! Oh and pornstar Kristina Rose turned up on her fixie and not wearing very much! Awesome!

Belive it or not this wall was once upon a time 100% dirty grey boringness, till INSA came along, now the whole length of the wall is emblazoned with INSA's classic Heel pattern in a red, pink and white colourscheme. Appropriately enough the wall belongs to LA strip joint: 'The PlayPen'. INSA always manages to find the walls that host his art perfectly.

Special guest at the painting session was LA local and pornstar Kristina Rose who, despite appearances, probably doesn't spend all her time riding round LA in stripper heels and a bikini. But hey we can all dream that she does. lol. I'm sure her transport and attire attracted many a coveting glance, least not from INSA himself who's forrays into fetishwear and the direction of alot of his art go hand in hand with the inhabitants of Porn Valley.




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