Posted by Nick January 21, 2011

After yesterdays mention of awesome coffee tables comes this surprise announcement of a Parra coffee table. The Dutch artist has been working with Belgian store Toykyo to create 'The Fly New Coffee Table'. Yet another awesome 3D representation of Parra's work coming hot on the heels of superb vinyl and ceramic recreations of his style. He's certainly managed to work with some companies who know what they're doing!

The table design is limited to just 8 pieces so if you want a chance of owning one then you best get in touch with Toykyo ASAP regarding price and availability! Each one comes in a different colourway and measures 35in x 27in x 16in (approximately 90cm x 70cm x 40cm). If you're a Parra fan and have the cash then i def recommending dropping the money on this! Superb centerpiece for any living room.

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