Posted by Miranda January 10, 2011

Saturday night i couldn't help but run into Toy Tokyo and check what delights they had on offer. I think its pretty genius to be open late on a Saturday, a cocktail or two and suddenly peoples need to buy things increases (Well mine certainly does).

This was my first trip to the new Toy Tokyo store, and wow what an improvement. I always loved the Toy Tokyo store, reminiscent of the Eastern toy shops, and it hasn't lost that feeling entirely. Its bigger brighter and has way more display space (More in the next issue of clutter).

This time around 3 things came home. Ron English's Popaganda figure X-Ray MC SuperSized (Produced by Secret Base and Toy Tokyo colorway), Michael Lau Kindergardener, "Box C", and a Kaiju figure, which I believe is based on Baltan one of a legion of intergalactic psychedelic lobster-men, and was produced in 1999.

For me the size of the Michael Lau piece really sold it (and they say size doesn't matter). I think larger figures just have more impact right now, and I'm slightly oversaturated on mini figures (For the time being at least). I also love the sculpt, very reminiscent of the Evirob's i  love (You can see them in this photo on the top shelf), rough feeling/looking giving it a more hand made feel.

Pictured here with a Dunny for size comparison.

One of the coolest features of this figure is that it stands on a magnetic base. The magnets in his feet, hold him tight to the metal stand making him infinitely more stable. These pieces are limited to 199, for some reason they forgot to number mine.

Last but not least is the Toy Tokyo colorway of Ron English McSupersized, complete with x-ray layer. I have to say that i have never had the urge to collect these figures, but the quality is so good, and i can not turn down a skeleton related toy! This color way is super tasty!! A great addition to the collection!



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