Posted by Nick February 21, 2011

This is such an awesome collaboration to be able to write about, knowing Chris (aka The Tarantulas) as we do here at Clutter Mag. This figure is the resilt of a triple headed collaboration between Chris, RealxHead & Onell Design and was born out of all 3 parties involved being at SDCC last year! Chris's original design of the Nibbler has been interpreted into RealxHead's style by Mori and sculpted and produced in Japan in the lovliest vinyl imaginable.

Words cannot display how much i am looking forward to having one of these guys in my hands! 2 versions of the figure are available in Molten Pink and Antimatter Black. Both have vinyl die-cut eyes and stand 4.5" tall and go on sale exclusively at The Tarantulas online store: Fishtank Castle on Feb 25th

Might even have to pick up one to paint too!


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