Posted by Nick February 18, 2011

If you haven't seen this already you have to check out the process pics from SupaKitch & Koralie's live 4ft dunny painting, posted up by Kidrobot on the KRonikle & their Flickr.

First I gotta say i've been a massive fan of Supakitch for years - was actually one of the first street artists along with Dalek and RekaOne in Australia (both of whom have spent the last few years deconstructing their artwork) that i really started paying attention to. This was probably even before we started Clutter back in 2004! I always wanted him to make toys of his artwork but it never happened quite how i thought it would due to his partnering with Koralie and the effect that it had on his work.

Don't get me wrong, i love their collaborative artwork, the mural from last year we all watched the vid of was outstanding, but the toys just never lived up to the pictures i had in my head as pre-Koralie, Supa's work was bolder and more colourful, more graphical maybe. There was one figure that was going to be made that harked back to the old supakitch art made by Thunderdog, but that never went into production.

But def take a look at the whole gallery of pics to see the detail and precision on creating this dunny paint job and admire the skill with which both artists weild their brushes and paint markers. An unmentioned star of these pics has to be the Molotow paint markers and the refills they are applying with a brush! impressive coverage - gotta get me some of them! For me the highlight of the figure are the caligraphic touches added by Supakitch.

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