Posted by Nick February 25, 2011

Busiest weekend of 2011 toy-wise i think with the release of The Real x Nibbler, the Kaws x Bape Dissected Milo and now this lil suprise in the form of the Vinyl recreation of the Toypunks logo by Mike Giant. Click through for pics and info..

Along time in the works this lil beauty of a figure is made by Reckless Toys and produced in the finest of Japanese vinyls, by the same factory that produced the very lovely Kaws x Bounty Hunter Kuns. I've been waiting a long time for a Mike Giant figure and after rumors of collaborations with other companies and artists to produce them, the wait for me is finally over! (Mike Giant x Balzac figure doesnt count - cos it was shit).

The figure releases tomorrow, Saturday the 26th of Feb for $99 plus $5P+P in the US. No word on international shipping yet which bugs me cos i would like to splash my cash, but not if its crazy money for shipping. No doubt we'll be seeing more colourways and clear versions of this figure! Cant wait!


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