Posted by Nick March 21, 2011

I am visibly disturbed when i people saying how awesome the new Katy Perry x Kanye West video is. Her new track is entitled E.T. which i can only think stands for Extra Terrible because believe me from a designers point of view it is full of shocking font choices, none moreso than Brush Script - you know that font that comes by default on your computer what you use for writing 'Wish you were here...' on stuff and that's it.

I pray that this video does not receive any plaudits because from my point of view it is just lazy and poorly put together. It's like this is the mock up of what they are going to do when they swap in the right fonts If this video becomes a source of reference for what is deemed cool then most of us designers can take the next 6months off till the balance of the design force is at peace once again.

Support the anti-shit design movement here #brushscriptisnothiphop


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