Posted by Nick March 16, 2011

In what really can only be described as a dream collaboration Mishka and Major Lazer are producing this superb realisation of the Major Lazer character. Spotted over on Toybot Studios site I have no idea where the pictures originated or who is making the figure, but the smart money would be on someone like adFunture who Mishka have worked with previously and this is just the type of thing that Eddie would love to produce..

The vinyl figure has a real feel of on 80s action figure with its super smooth sculpt, streamlining alot of the features it takes me back to my days of He-man, Thundercats and Ghostbusters. Can't wait to see one painted up, really leaves itself open to interpretation and could go either way on the paintjob with something super detailed and tight and cartoony like the artwork, but i know we'd all like to see some airbrushed with metallics to within an inch of their lives!

For those unaware of Major Lazer's genesis it is a collaborative effort between Dj's Switch and Diplo (star of Blackberry ads the world over - who says you can't buy cool). Anyway if you haven't checked out Major Lazer, make sure you do - might just make you want this figure more!


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