Posted by Devin March 13, 2011


What's better than watching super hot Austin girls do a burlesque show? NOTHING! Unless of course you add steampunk themes to that. I mean, fuck, it doesnt get better than that. If I had to imagine a place where heaven and earth coexisted. It's Big Bang Bordello.
Let's start with the steampunk because if we start with burlesque I'll get overexcited. So the display of steampunk fashion and art was gorgeous. The only thing missing was more of it. Their were amazing, detailed, brilliant pieces of neo-victorian machinery. The group Airship Isabella provided beautiful work and to give you an idea of the detail. Two of its members gave me run downs on the functionality and lore of each piece. Then proceeded to pull out their modified pistols and pull of gun tricks in a old west fashion. Airship Isabella had definitly impressed me and they even mentioned working on some custom toys. I made them promise 
to send me pics first so keep an eye out.I have some pics of their work but my camera didnt quite capture the details I was hoping for. Apologies for that but bear with me.
Another cool thing to check out was the steampunk sketches done on the spot of by the very talented JR Fleming.
And now ...the boobies!
The burlesque show was truly the best i have attended yet. Each girl had something truly unique and amazing to watch. And they were gourgeous. The host, Lady Bangs, had a great bit as a retired burlesque dancer crackign wise about her body, the girls, and her clown accordian player husband.
Crimson Skye started us off in a strait jacket strip tease which was hilarious and hot at the same time.
Eva Strangelove made me quiver with her just outright hotness. I swear she was looking right at me. ok maybe a bit to the left, but close enough to make me lightheaded.
The girls from the jigglewatts were all gorgeous and had impressive dances individually and together. So hot. And Jolie Goodnight has one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard. And it took alot for me to notice that or anything else when such pretty girls are in their skivvies. 
I wish I had better pictures of the event because it was truly an amazing show, unfortunatley my camera didnt hold a charge through the night. The snake dance of Coco Lectric hypnotized the entire crowd. And the strips of Ruby Joule damn hot. I could go on and on....
But I've been drooling long enough. Come to Austin for sxsw, or just the burlesque scene because it's sooo good here.


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