Posted by Devin March 22, 2011

Rockstar vinyl artist FERG was selling some prints at Flatstock and obliged me with a short but sweet interview. I have a ton more questions I'm yearning to ask him but perhaps that's for another interview (in the near future Im hoping).

Enjoying SXSW?

like a motherfucker :)

 Any Upcoming projects you are excited about?

The Brandt Peters collab stuff is exiting to me..and some other things unfortunately I can't talk about yet,(don't want to jinx them) but if they work out they are pretty unexpected collaborations.

Any artists inspiring you right now?

I like Adam Wright's photos a lot.

Any Toys you're digging at the moment?

Tossy does amazing stuff (cure toys

* tossy figure

Favorite Venue or City to visit for a show?

The baked potato in LA was pretty rad. There was a club here called 'liberty lunch' that was great but its gone now. For art shows New York is pretty hard to beat. I also have much love for Munkyking and Rotofugi.

Favorite beer or mixed drink?

I like almost any cold beer. Makers Mark is good. ..Wild Turkey...Bushmills. I don't really drink mixed drinks besides the occasional margarita.

Any tips for artists trying to screen print their work?

Get Andy MacDougall's book

How do you keep motivated to stay at the easel/desk?

I don't really have a problem with that. I feel very lucky to be able to do what i do. I have so much fun with it i can't see myself not making things.

Anything else you want to promote or mention for clutter readers?

They might enjoy the collect and destroy forums.


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