Posted by Devin March 18, 2011

Tonight was Datapop at the Highball, one of my favorite places in Austin. If you've never been to the Highball, imagine a Lebowski style bowling alley with ski ball and arcades, upstairs karaoke rooms, a ballroom stage and a bar all wrapped into a glorious super building. But tonight the Higball was transformed in a video game style rave complete with chiptune DJ's and free games and video game inspired drinks! If your unfamiliar with chiptunes, take driving techno and add classic 8 bit melodies.

Several amazing Dj's had the line up for this event but I was really impressed with Chinese DJ Sulumi, So impressed I even bought one of those archaic discs of music, the people used to call CD's. What can I say chiptune music is still in its infancy and is a bit hard to find. But once your hooked it's for good. Other awesome DJ's that rocked their classic gameboys were texas resident IAYD, and Swedish Artist Covox. Still curious about chiptune music be sure to check out 8bitpeoples for all the best Dj's and info.

Really a great night of classic Nintendo beats and rocking Basslines... also booze!


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