Posted by Devin March 13, 2011

So one of my first events was the opening of the Playstation Lounge. The building across the street from the conference center was overtaken by sony and transformed into a techno playstation mecha with flatscreens and funky beats. And of course free booze, (free crown and coke is the way to my heart playstation) They were premiering a few games, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 one, Resistance 3, and Socom 4. They also raffled off killzone 3 special editions and a ps3 (which i didnt win either of dammit!) And my first celeb sighting of the tour, Rosario Dawson is super hot. And plays games. and is hot. And plays games. It was rather surreal seeing her enjoy blowing up some aliens in Resistance 3. Which the graphics are beautiful for but i think Rosario has it beat. 

That second pic was for me.


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