Posted by Devin March 13, 2011

Today I attended the live podcast of "Let's do this!" by Korey and Co-host of the great movie review website, and it was hilarity covered in awesome. Korey's been a friend of mine for a couple years now and is an all around funny mofo so i couldnt resist another chance to see him perform.

If you've never checked out its definitly my (no bias) favorite source for movie reviews. Each review is animated and features and uncensored sense of humor you just wont get with normal movie review sites. In truth, spill's lack of censorship makes them more honest, funnier and more interesting than every other movie review site.

Although, Spill isnt just a movie site as it features an entire social network based around the main characters, korey, co-host 3000, carlyle, leon and cyrus. Each one has a unique view on the movies, games, and everything else, they review and the interaction between this group is truly comedy gold. Today witnessing the live taping of "Let's do this" I came close to tears I was laughing so hard. Korey and co-host's repertoire imparticular hits me right where it hurts.

Im hoping they recorded todays live show so you can re-live what I lived. If they do I will repost this with a link. In the meantime I suggest checking out an episode of Let's do this for a taste of what sxsw offered me today.


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