Posted by Nick March 17, 2011

I was first introduced to the world of Le Merde by fellow Clutter inmate Geoff who for a long time had been a fan of his artwork and resin figures. My introduction to Le Merde came around the time of the release of his first Super7 figure. Since then we've had several more additions to the Super7/Gargamel produced family which now includes Hollis, Burgerbuns, Bangal, Hujili's Ghost and a pocket Hujili. This Zeu Hollis releases tomorrow, an awesome figure - make sure you have one in your collection...

For me i see Le Merde as a kind of dark James Jarvis (Bizarro Jarvis if you will). And i mean that only as a compliment. I see alot of the same qualities and inspiration in both artists work and both produce art worthy of being highly reveered by many a skater. Maybe if James Jarvis's world had an evil side (rather than a possibly inappropriately friendly old men - Vortigern), then le merde's characters may well be what they might look like.

Zeu Hollis releases tomorrow at costing $30

Buy one today! or rather tomorrow, unless you're reading this tomorrow, in which case buy one today!




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