Posted by Miranda April 10, 2011

This week i managed to attended a few shows down in old NYC. Coming up in this post are pictures of Shawnimals show at myplasticheart, Chuckboy's signing at Kidrobot and a look at Sas and Colin Chrisitan's work at Opera Gallery.

After turning up to the shawnimals opening at myplasticheart a day early (Doh!) i managed to swing by on saturday and get a good look at the show. The work was colourful, fun and 100% awesome, and it was great to see all the ninjas of the month (so far this year) sitting together. On display was a mixture of prints, Paintings, drawings and naturally, plush!

Thursday night saw Chuckboy take to Kidrobot Soho for a kick ass signing session.

Last but not least, i stopped in the Opera Gallery in NYC's soho, who had some amazing pieces from Sas and Colin Christian, Ron English and yes, Mr Brainwash, all worth checking out if you can make it down there this week.


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