Posted by Miranda April 10, 2011

Last night saw Williamsburg, Brooklyn, become a hive of Tara McPherson fans and supporters, with the opening celebration of The Cotton Candy Machine, Tara's debut store. We arrived a little after the opening time of 7pm to see a line not just out of the door, but down stretching down the block and practically around the corner.

The Art on display was outstanding and varied, really representing the wide span of Tara's influence and inspiration. 100 tickets were given out at the beginning of the night, allowing those lucky 100 people to buy one of the pieces on display. Of course these pieces were not available for long (unfortunately for the people at the back of line and for me who arrived too late to grab a number).

The show was a huge success with the line only just drawing to a close at midnight. If your a McPherson fan, then this is the Mecca of all Mecca's, and I highly recommend making a trip to the store. Congratulations Tara!!

The Cotton Candy Machine

235 South 1st Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211

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