Posted by Miranda April 04, 2011

WONDERCON is San Francisco's biggest popular arts convention - sort of a junior-level San Diego Comic Con. In fact, it's run by Comic Con International, the same organization that puts together SDCC. This year was Wondercon's 25th, a real milestone, and it really showed. Amongst the growing number of major players (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and others were on hand this year) - and the prerequisite blockbuster movie promotion (4 minutes of exclusive Green Lantern footage) - the Art Toy world as represented in the SF Bay Area was alive, well and in attendance.

I spent Friday afternoon at the show and caught up with the action. Highlights are below - be sure to visit the full Wondercon 2011 Image Gallery for full coverage as well!

Without further delay, here goes...

My first stop was to visit recent SF transplant Julie West (below, left) who was sharing a booth with Strangeco alumna Adrianna Bamber (below, right). Both had great hand-made toys, plus prints, pillows, cards and more.

My new favorite local boys made good - check out BLAMO TOYS now! Awesome designs, made by hand, great choices of materials (wood, metal, pleather, etc). These guys are making some really innovative shit. They deserve a big following.

Kidrobot was at Wondercon for the first time this year, with a clean display showcasing existing products. They pre-released 50 of the new Skullhead Dunny vinyl on Saturday afternoon during artist Huck Gee's signing.

Another newcomer to Wondercon - Uglydolls. Kids within a 3 foot radius began uncontrollably squealing with joy.

... and not too far away, Uglydolls co-creator David Horvath's sister Kerry and her husband Darth Rimmer (real name, I shamelessly asked!) were showing off their own brand, Lazysmash.

Alex Pardee's brand Zero Friends = #WINNING!

Mindstyle's NBA mini figures are another departure from the "art" side of art toys, merging a major license with the blind box toy format. The Kobe Bryant figure was available through Action Figure Express, which seemed a more appropriate choice of retailer than one from the Art Toy market.

Max Toy Company's Mark Nagata.

Beanworld Action Figures...?!


WAY more coverage in the full WONDERCON 2011 IMAGE GALLERY - including Camille d'Errico, Color Ink book, Kuso Vinyl, Mugo, Rampage Toys, Super7 and more...


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