Posted by Miranda May 02, 2011

On Saturday, April 23rd, Max Toy Company celebrated its milestone 5th anniversary at Double Punch Gallery in San Francisco, CA. The brainchild and hard work of Mark Nagata, Max Toy Company has spent the past half-decade creating an entire range of original characters inspired by the classic tradition of classic Japanese character toys. The anniversary show features a variety of 2D artwork, created primarily by contemporary Japanese artists, based on Nagata's character design. The work was varied, virtually all of great quality and execution, and affordably priced all around. Check out the photos below from the show:

A giant fiberglass Eyezon stood out from the upstairs gallery's power corner 

Lady Maxx by Mark Nagata

A library of Max Toy Company vinyls, produced over the past 5 years.

Nawoki Karasawa

Matt Walker

Daniel Goffin

Sebastian Curadeau



Yasushi Nirasawa

Helena Garcia

Satoshi Yoshioka

A wall of postcards from artists worldwide, congratulating Max Toy Company on its continued success.

a custom Lego Eyezon!

Cupcakes for the celebration, decorated in Max Toy Company style by Mark Nagata.


The show runs through May 22, 2011, check it out at Double Punch in North Beach, San Francisco. Visit Double Punch online, too, right here.

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