Posted by Nick June 10, 2011

Koji Harmon aka Cometdebris is a master customiser, a genius with an airbrush. I've been lucky to see some of his customs in the flesh and they work on them is simply stunning, even more appreciated on a small scale figure. His latest release is matching versions of his Tokoji Seijin figure and his own version of David Horvath and Sun Min Kims 'My Friend Dave' figure. Both cast in pink vinyl with metallic purple and black sprays with bright yellow eyes. Tokoji also features a purple and blue splattered shell.

"Each figure is made in Japan and hand painted by Koji Harmon at Cometdebris headquarters in Tokyo. Both will be released in a limited edition run, with Tokoji being done in a signed and numbered edition of only 3 figures. Figures will be packaged in a bag with custom header card. Tokoji $100, and Dave $70. On sale Saturday, June 18, 8:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time). That's Sunday, June 19, 12:00 PM Japan time"

I love the My Friend Dave figure, i have a painted pink version on my desk (he looks particularly awesome with a pair of Mini Munny glasses on) - not managed to pick up a Tokoji Seijin yet, but will probably grab a production version sometime. Awesome set Koji!


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