Posted by Chris June 20, 2011

This September Touma will be making available a 3 figure vinyl set called Mephist Fiesta.  Here is the story on these little guys as told to Previews Magazine:

Zugan, a worker in Hell, collects evil souls to fuel the fires of Hell. Together with Dead, his up-and-coming apprentice, as well as Becky, they are on a constant mission to battle the fires of Hell which are burning out of control. Zugan stands 7" tall, while Dead and Becky are each 5" tall. Taken together, they are ready to have a party in the depths and fires of the underworld!

The set carries a suggested retail price of $90 and will be available this September.  

The odd thing about this is that these toys have not only been released once before, but are on clearance in the Play Imaginative online store.   This could mean that if you missed out on buying them in your local stores once before, you might be getting a second shot at them.  



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