Posted by Miranda June 28, 2011

As you may know Clutter has been running an awesome competition over on Facebook to win a set of Huck Gee Raku Dunny courtesy of Kidrobot! The competition has been a great success, drawing a huge crowd. So thank you all who participated and voted!

Before we announce the winner we need to handle some concerns. We received a number of emails from entrants about possible cheating in the competition. We want you to know that we thoroughly investigated the all the claims, from checking user ip address and accounts to making sure all votes came from real and legitimate FB users and looking into the practices of the entrants as to whether or not rules were broken. Hence why it has taken us so long to announce! In the end the winner we selected used their network successfully, creating events and inviting their friends and colleges to vote for them.  This we did not consider cheating, we consider this a great use of their social network.  However, we did see users that posted on Facebook forums for vote swapping, this we, and Facebook, do consider as a step to far and if that person had won the competition we would have disqualified that user. We are going to send magazines to the top 3 runners up since you all worked so hard!

And now... the moment you have all been waiting for!! And the winner is... David Moses!!! with his awesome "Glowstick Ninja ranger"! Congratulations David, and thank you to all the people who entered!

Our next competition will be coming at you courtesy of The Loyal Subjects. News on that soon!


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