Posted by Nick June 03, 2011

The Pigga-Phunt is finally here courtesy of Mike and Katie aka the obscenely talented Tado in collaboration with Unbox Industries. We saw a few pre-release Piggys make it to the Tado x Rotofugi show which quickly sold out, but this is the full on release of 50 individual colourways! $150 buys you a generous handful of Polyresin figure that will be as equally effective against allcomers when whipped out of your handbag, as it will looking cute on your shelf/desk/or in photos next to your food! hehehe check out the colorways and more pics after the jump.

So for all of you who want to bag one of these one off figures you gotta email Unbox Industries at and get in on the lottery for the release. Same deal as it was for the Jeff Lamm release last month. If you're lucky enough to bag one of these then congrats to you! I know those cheeky monkeys Mike and Katie (and Dan at Unbox) put alot of love into this figure and i'm sure they have probably already had enough lottery requests to sell these figures several times over!



After various unconfirmed sightings and glimpses, the elusive piggaphunt is finally ready to show herself and stomp her way into your home and heart!! This handbag-sized micro-pet is the result of a long collaboration between sheffield-based design goblins TADO and the production wizards at Unbox Industries. Limited to just 50 unique pieces, each 5" polyresin 'phunt is a different colour-way! The range of colours includes flat, flouro, mono and metallic variations which will be sold on a blind boxed basis.

Each piggaphunt also comes with a free metal Micro-Phunt phone mascot / key chain. Wooo-Hoo!

$150.00 including international shipping. Due to the limited nature of this art edition this item is offered on a lottery basis only

Applications must be sent to before June 13th. We will contact lottery winners by the 15th June. We apologise for any frustration and hope this makes things fair. Please refer to terms and conditions before you purchase!


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