Posted by Miranda June 07, 2011

Friday Night (06.03.11) saw the opening of the brand new Verameat store in NYC's East Village (315 E. 9th St.) I've been a fan of Vera Balyura, owner and designer, for a while now, collecting pieces from her stall at the Williamsburg Artists & Fleas market. Born in the Ukraine, Vera spent her childhood in Utah before moving to NYC when she was 14 to pursue her dream of modeling. Her fashion instincts took her along a different path, and for the past 4 years she has been creating unique, hand-made and inspiring designs, for collectors worldwide. 

Her jewelry is 100% hand made from solid Silver, Bronze, or Gold Fill (Gold Brass dipped a decent layer of 14k gold), nothing plated here, and prices range from $70 - $250 depending on size and design. Her work is playful and inspiring, the kind of jewelry that is truly artistic and cool. You know that when you buy a gift from Vera, your buying something special that your loved one wont have seen before.

If your in the East Village stop by and say Hi, you may even get to meet the awesomely adorable shop mascot,  Fred (see last image)



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