Posted by Nick July 19, 2011

Hmm really not sure what to make of this figure - i mean it's a really awesome figure from adFunture who seeminly are making less and less figures as Eddi focuses on his Veil clothing line. Still its always great to see adFunture making figures, cos they only make what they want to and aren't forced into heavy production schedules so they can really spend time and love on making the figure. Originally a t-shirt graphic the character of Bellator Columbidae “Fighting Pigeon” has been brought into the vinyl world

However, having said that I'm really not sure this style of figure is a good fit for Staple Design. Personally i think that as a clothing label the STPL brand has gotten more and more high brow with the only sign of their roots being the Pigeon logo they have made so famous. Figure is 10" tall, limited to 100pcs and retail for a sizable $180. Released on August 15th at The Reed Space.

via [hellovinyl]


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