Posted by Nick July 05, 2011

CLOT have been making a few appearances on this blog recently with collaborations on a figure with Eric So and clothing and accesories with James Jarvis. This latest collaboration sees the return to this blog of Mindstyle. It would be fair to say that MINDstyle aren't exactly everyone's favourite toy company but the Disney stuff they have produced has by far been some of the most interesting figures - especially when they were producing the Block28 figures.

Anyways this 3 eyed Mickey is the product of this collaboration and it will be available at the forthcoming Taipei Toy Festival. The 8" version coming out in 2 colorways - regular and black and white (retailing for $132) and there's also a 5ft 3" tall color version ($7,670). Visit the CLOT booth at Taipei Toy Fair to secure yours!

Also checking out Mr Edison Chen shows this gigantic Rex from Toy Story figure. Damn Clutter offices could do with one of them!


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