Posted by Miranda July 08, 2011

DKE Toys (booth #4728) is always a must visit booth at any event, and this years SDCC is no exception. Not only will they have their usually awesome line up of stock, they will have samples and prototypes on display from over 200 companies, and a line up of signings!!

Above we have special editions of the Android Mini series. These are making their debut at SDCC 2011, with these limited edition sets. Designed by Andrew Bell, one design will be available per day for 4 days starting on Wednesday the 20th of July. $10 each.

During our recent visit to Sucklords studio we learned about his exclusive gay empire figure. This one is limited to just 40 pieces and will retail for $69. I'm sure these will fly off the shelves. The Sucklord will be signing Saturday July 23nd @ 3 pm


Also available will be these Pecanpals mini glass figures by Tynies. The set of 3 are limited to 200 and produced in an exclusive GID colorway. $15 per set.




Also available will be Suicidal Tendencies x Zac-Pac = S"K"UM-kun, Edition of 50 (25 of which will release in Japan and the other 25 will be for comic con). Retailing for $120.

 Last but not least is the DKE exclusive Cavey. Limited to just 30 pieces, retailing for $30.

Signing Schedule

DKE Toys

Booth #4728  



Saturday 07/23 @ Noon - Holly - Cavey creator


Saturday 07/23 @ 3 pm  - Sucklord - Suckadelic


Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm - Ferg - Jamungo

Saturday 07/23 @ 5 pm  - Scott Wilkowski - Waxbean Studios


Sunday 07/24 - DKE SAMPLE SALE


Dov will be at the booth each day 1 - 5 pm , so stop by and say helllllo!!


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