Posted by baykiddead July 07, 2011

Like Kaiju? I know you do. Like free? But of course! Like paper toys? What...? Hey just because this isn't ultra rare and you didn't have to enter a bidding war that spanned 3 continents, doesn't mean it shouldn't be on your shelf. This is Gamera we're talking about, and what collection is complete without something you had to put a little bit of yourself into? And I'm not talking allowance.

This particular version, Showa era for those of you keeping score, is brought to us via the talents of Shaun Breedlove. Though the images show a blueish version of the beast that put flying, fire-breathing turtles on the map, the template appears grey. No matter, I'm sure you'll love him anyway.

You can find your free download HERE. You'll have to sign up to get access to the template, but it's painless and a small price to pay to complete your collection. Besides, you'll then have free reign to download many of the other cool toys featured there including Shaun's first Kaiju paper toy, Gyaos!

Thanks to for the heads up!


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