Posted by Nick July 21, 2011

Really really wishing i was at SDCC right now! But thankfully my bank accound is all the more healthier for not making that trip, and while there are some awesome toys on available, it's an awesome opportunity to meet up with all the friends we have made working in the designer toy world. And of course don't forget the upcoming Designer Toy Awards too!

In this first section of the roundup we have a look at Super7, Gargamel, Grasshut, Onell, Gargamel and RealxHead booths.

This new sculpt from Super7 is so far one of the stars of the show at SDCC. An awesome figure from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters the Ultra Squid Girl comes in 2 parts with a base figure of a Skull with tentacles and a sheath that fits over the top of the figure. Somewhat like the Gargamel Helper figure from Tim Biskup. Can't wait to see this one as a production piece. The inner skull looks particularly amazing and i love the fact that you pretty much get 2 toys for the proce of one.

Ah the Rose Vampire, the love of my life, till its big bro showed up and made it a lil less appealing. Bagged me the red and transparent green version. The new sculpt looks much improved with the cape concealing its broad shoulders. And really love the Casket Cruiser figure, as you may have already read in my previous post.

Really loving the Super7 Foster figure in this shot! I always assumed the figure was a thin centimeter thin biscuit but in reality its a really chunky figure. Def need to pick up one of these sometime!

Crystal Mecha and Fossilzilla are 2 more very exciting figures from Super7. Mecha from Brian Flynn and Fossilzilla from Josh Herbolsheimer. Lovin these figures - cant wait to see them painted up!

Super7 produce their version of The Priest from legendary street skater Mark Gonzales and Krooked. Moulded from the original Mo Wax Resin figure with an updated base. The head is 2 sided with happy and angry faces. Awesome!

Grasshutcorp had a selection of amazing customs and original art from their artist roster featuring Arbito, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros. Insane art all round!

Holy crap that Tarantulas playset is huuuuge! Castle Greyskull eat you're heart out! This must be the famed Fishtank Castle that the Tarantulas online store is named for! Insane! This was all happening at the Onell booth

Gargamel came loaded with customs and small runs of figures from Tim Biskup, Le Merde, KaToPe, along with custom Zags, pockets and unpainted figures. Awesome! and probably all out of my price range!

Finally the Fig Lab x RxH booth also played host to the new Monster Worship figures with the new Greasebat, Altar Beast and the Caniball Fuckface figure. As well as some insane Chaos Trooper figures and Fortune Cats



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