Posted by Nick July 21, 2011

SDCC Roundup 2 featuring shots of the Convention and a bunch of the booths. Above check out the toy/blog love between an extremely well groomed Shawn Smith, a slightly(?) less well groomed John Stokes of Spankystokes and Clutters own (heavily pregnant) Maz :P can't believe you were allowed to fly missy!

First up it's Tara McPhersons stand featuring a shedload of her posters, books, art prints and tees from Cotton Candy Machine. It's one hell of a stand and sign of how big and popular Tara is.

Oooooo one of my fave figure lineups came from Rotofugi as i posted yesterday. Yummy smelling Marshalls, Lake Monsters, pocket pork and the Snybora. Here you can also see a shot of 64Colors Marshall and Gumdrop next to each other. Gumdrop def looks like he makes an extremely cute Yap! Yap! noise around Marshalls feet!

Kidrobot Booth with a massive scribbled on Dunny

Kozik Booth featuring pretty much all his vinyl and plush including Heathrow the Hedgehog and the new mecha banana in the brightest of orange vinyl.

Really loving these customs from Jeremiah Ketner! Amazing painting skills as usual, also you can see the collaboration with DrilOne. This is all happenin at the Dragatomi booth.

Incredible sculpting from JRYU above and below. The below figure insanely painted by Brent Nolasco. $800 and $650 respectively!

Camilla D'Errico booth




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