Posted by Nick July 07, 2011

Unbox Industries are pretty new on the block but have already had so much interest from their releases with Jeff Lamm and Tado that all their figures have been sold so far via a lottery system. Now for SDCC they have a new colorway of Jeff Lamm's Stee-Gar and M5Bravo, an iPhone4 snap case based on our Issue15 colorway and a brand spanking new figure by Patricio Oliver....

The Stee-Gar and M5Bravo figures are very Iron Man-esque but i am reliably informed that it's a reference to 70s Cult Horror Flick 'Deep Red'. The Patricio Oliver figure is called Almond and Salamadra and comes in plain red. I'm buying alot of unpainted figures at the moment and personally i think it shows of the sculpt beautifully.

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