Posted by Nick August 18, 2011


Ok so when we saw the teaser of these pop up on the interweb last night i was very excited by them and we discussed some potential pricing around Clutter HQ. 12" tall resin, individually hand painted by Mr Joe Ledbetter himself. They gots to be pretty pricy I thought...

But based on my most recent knowledge of JLed's paintings i estimated their price to be around $800. How wrong was I... Don't get me wrong i think these figures are stunning and being all individually painted one offs it does make them highly collectible but i think a price of $1500 prices 98% of his fans out of the market. Especially when i would hope that a decent sized original painting would cost a similar amount. It may well be the most desirable figure ever made for Ledbetter toy collectors but that's still a ton of cash to charge. I'm just not convinced asking $1500 is a reasonable request...

Pretty in Plastic made the all new sculpt, there will be 40 individually painted 12" figures (so thats $60,000 if they all sell) which makes it sound even worse to me. The first 5 figures will predictably include Mr Bunny and Mrs Bunny along with Monster, Temper and Tiger.

I like every aspect of this project I honestly do. The semi-self produced nature of it, the hand paints and the variations that Joe will no doubt bring to the table with his style. He will put eveything in to each and every one of them. There's just 2 things about the series i don't like 1) the price and 2) using the term 'art multiples' cos it sounds stupid. I for one will never be caught using it. I love my toys, i honestly do, despite what it might seem reading this blog from time to time, but for $1500 i'd buy a painting.

Congratulations to the 3 who've already bought ones already. My money says some rich person bought 1 & 2 together as was obviously planned. Good luck 2 left.


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