Posted by baykiddead August 29, 2011

Paper toy icon Marko Zubak né Yebomaycu, has released yet another series. This one is entitled Peña, and if these toys signal a trend from the mind of Marko, things are about to get crazy. The shape and style of these figures push past a boundry leaving me aghast and in awe at the same time. The color and pattern is pure, but that shape...

Well, it's sublime. But it's also simple, which is the real magic of these toys. Seen from the profile, the lines hypnotize. From the front, the pattern and color mesmorize. I just want to keep looking at them. But that's how it is with all of Marko's work. Looking through his past collections, it's easy to see a continuation, but one that never feels stagnant or duplicated. Just a natural progression of a driven artist to explore all the craziness in that creative head of his.

Cruise on over to Marko's site HERE, and click on that link that says, "BUY NOW." They're only €0,99. Which is a bargain compared the beauty you get in return. 


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