Posted by baykiddead August 14, 2011

I love it when I come across something that doesn't ask for anything in return.  Can't tell you how refreshing it is to not be peppered with shopping cart buttons and click to like or follow me here pleas. It's a rare thing to find something as awe inspiring and as visionary as Maruto's Once Upon a Forest. Hell, I can't even find out who he, she (it?) is. All I can find is simple beauty. Overwhelming in its simplicity. Click the link and you are taken to the beginning, there is no other option. Once there, you can go forward, and the story that began on page one changes, ever so slightly, but enough of the original remains so that you know where you are. You can go back as well to re-visit, but only one page at a time. Or you can delve deeper into this visual story-telling, and deeper and deeper until the original thread is all but gone.

Until at last you come to the end and all that's left is the beauty, and still asking nothing in return. HERE


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