Posted by baykiddead August 08, 2011

If you're into paper toys, there are a variety of ways to participate. You can purchase any one of the numerous books featuring some of the best designers in the game, you can scour the web for free templates, or you can make your own. As much as I love making a Shin Tanaka, or a Matthew Hawkins, nothing beats the satisfaction of bringing something of my own from an idea to a free standing toy on the shelf. Problem is, not everyone has access to the software, or the inclination to make an original toy. Until now...

De Bliksems is a Dutch website dedicated to teaching children about energy. And through the efforts of super design duo LouLou & Tummie, it also features a make-your-own-monster generator. Choose a body based on one of the forms of energy, add lightning bolts, robotic hands, slap on some slime and a few eyes, and voila, your very own monster! Once you're done, you can give it a name, submit it to the gallery, send it out as an e-card, and then... print out the template and make it come alive!

With all the options, you can produce an almost limitless array of monsters for your collection. Not to mention, if you have young children, it's a fantastic way to spend a day together, creating, building, and playing with your new found friends. You might even learn a little Dutch while you're at it!



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