Posted by baykiddead August 03, 2011

Phidias Gold gets it. They understand there are greater things at work, but that there's an opportunity to tap into those things that'll allow mere mortals to achieve something larger than themselves. Initially a vehicle for CEO Wesley Eggebrecht's designs in the form of streetwear label Savant, Phidias Gold now takes on a larger vision that goes beyond clothing and design. What they're after is inspiration and to inspire, to fuel the creative process in themselves, and more importantly in others.

To that end, and to help celebrate the launch of their line, PG developed a paper version of their mascot and invited a few select artists to do what they do best, create.The results were the center attraction of the party, a 3 week long exhibition held at the LAP Gallery in Waltham, MA. Tougui, Evoker, Fish McGill, Pulco Mayo, and others interpreted the PG rabbit and the collected body of work proves their vision. There is greatness to be found within yourself, through others.

Better yet? PG has now offered up all the templates for download! And that, in and of itself is great. So head on over HERE for your free downloads, and then take a minute to look around at their other offerings, read up on the mythology behind the brand, and then get cracking, they're waiting...

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