Posted by baykiddead August 29, 2011

Paper toy customizer extraordinaire, Abi Braceros aka Abz, the talent behind the fabulously named "Oh-Sheet," gets a little returned favor courtesy Marko Zubak and Marshall Alexander. Damn! Most of the Gundam style paper out there is either an homage to an established character, or very true to the genre. So it's refreshing to see the very stylistic shape of these mech warriors get a new look. 

Marko brings his patented brand of pattern and shape, while Marshall continues to develop his unique take on innocence and beauty. At least that's what I can surmise, seeing as how these are teasers and not the full-fledged templates. I don't know what else is planned for this Artist Series, and who else is lending their vision to Abz' Zealot Guard, but I'm already counting the minutes until the series is released and I can add these beauties to my collection. Keep track of them as well, HERE.


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