Posted by baykiddead August 05, 2011

Sarah Bush either;

A) Had a really messed up childhood.

B) Has one of the most whacked imaginations.

C) Possesses a healthy love for zombies

D) Is one of the coolest girls any nine year old boy would ever hope to invite to their birthday party.

Maybe it's all of the above. How else to explain the crazed impulse that led her to take a time honored toy and turn it into a brain devouring member of the undead horde? But to be honest, damn, I wish I had thought of it. It's so simple -- true genius usually is -- hack off a couple of limbs, a dash of paint, well placed footwear, and voila! Custom zombie awesomeness!

Discovered over at the equally awesome blog, Weirdo Toys. Who I must give credit to for the footwear bit.




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