Posted by Nick September 07, 2011

Time to give you the lowdown on our latest Facebook contest here at Clutter! This month we've got a couple of the awesome Kaiju Bossy Bear figures from Toy2r and designed by Ugly Doll supremos David Horvath and Sun Min Kim.

Who's the boss of you? Nobody? YOU LIE! Every one has a boss, or someone they answer to... and we all deserve a bit of payback so we're looking for your best Boss related pics to bag you these figures. Entries can come in the form of photos, drawings, artwork etc. Literally anything goes as long as you can capture and upload a picture of it!

The top voted image will receive their very own Pink and Blue Kaiju Bossy Bear Figures. The Contest begins NOW and runs till October 7th!


For Contest Terms and Conditions Click Here


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