Posted by Nick September 13, 2011

Check out this stunning sculpture of Lady Aiko's Lady Butterfly from Tomenosuke. This is the second 'Black' colorway of the resin figure limited to just 10pcs worldwide. This is the second of 5 planned colorways, each limited to just 10 each, so there will only be 30 more resins cast of this figure.

The figure is set to be released at 1.00pm (JST) on September 16th and retails for $550. The first Silver version was released on Valentine's Day, and immediately sold out. Six months after that, late in August, the artist Aiko returned to Japan, visited us in Hida-Takayama, carefully inspected the second version piece by piece in the atelier of Tomenosuke-syoten, modified partly, inspired her soul into them, and completed them; namely, they are the Black version. This Lady Butterfly Sculpture has a tasteful color with slight reflection by ultrasmall silver lame.

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Aiko's blog | Tomenosuke Blog



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