Posted by baykiddead September 14, 2011

When I first laid eyes on this collection of re-made cameras from English artist Jennifer Collier, I had to look away. They were simply too beautiful. It was like staring into the sun. I've gone back to her site for moments at a time, the pang of not possessing them has lessened, but the love of these objects hasn't. Maybe it's my history with the camera, being a photographer and all. Maybe it's my fascination of maps, or the core idea behind these sublime creations. I wager it's a collection of all these feelings, but what I know for sure, is that I'll never be the same knowing they exist.

I know that sounds melodramatic, but I can assure you I don't get this worked up about just anything. I abhor landfill consumerism, wanton waste, or any other sentiment that allows us as a society to cast aside objects when their apparent usefulness is exhausted. These cameras, and the other objects of household origin Jennifer re-makes, will never reach an expiration date, beauty doesn't expire. 

To hold one in your hands [pure hypothesis by the way] and to pour over the details of both the object and that which makes it, must be akin to holding a long lost text with mystery after mystery being revealed, as quickly as new ones are presented. Where, how, what, why did the fates choose her to create these wonderful things? I am at once awed and jealous, but also thrilled and eternally grateful that something inside Jennifer demanded these exist. 


Please visit her site and discover the beauty for yourself, HERE.


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