Posted by baykiddead September 14, 2011

If you're in, around, or planning on being in Chicago in the next few weeks, make it a point to stop in at Rotofugi and catch the delicous show curated by Mark Nagata. More than an exhibition of toys, many exclusive to this event, it's an exercise in the golden rule. The word "karma" in this show's title isn't just lip service to a popular catch-phrase, it's a mandate, a life-style to those who know of the power toys have over us.

And the pull is indeed powerful. As someone who comes to the toy world via paper, looking at some of the pieces included in this show, I can already hear myself rationalizing a purchase or two. And a fair warning, just looking at the 3 toys on hand from Paul Kaiju, you might be as well.

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Toy Karma 3

Paul Kaiju



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