Posted by Nick September 09, 2011

Almost as hotly anticipated as the Nike MAG was this Vannen Watches collaboration with Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. Sorry i'm a bit late posting this today and they are already at low stock on their site! So here's a look at the final watch and then get yer ass over to the Vannen shop to bag yours!

Love the design, entitled Cirrina, probably my favourite watch they've made so far - obviously a design for the ladies out there but Junko has done a stellar job bringing her art to the timepiece. It has everything: Flowers, Tentacles and Boobies - what more do you need people! So make sure you bag this before it disappears, and if you're a bloke then buy one for a ladyfriend :P

Good luck to whoever wins the original Junko sketch for the watch design!


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