Posted by Nick October 07, 2011

OK this is where i'm gonna be hanging out and harassing people at this year's NYCC ;) as well as spending some money. Particularly loving the orange vinyl on the Rose Vamp and the Foster! Check out Super7 at Booth #688! Along with the Halloween Rose Vampre there will be a reveal of the two other characters in the Trio Of Terror. They will be haunting your collection later this October!

Halloween 2011 Trio Of Terror* Rose Vampire DX

Don't let his dapper charm fool you, the Rose Vampire will steal your heart and never give it back. Josh Herbolsheimer's Trio Of Terror Rose Vampire DX is cast in Orange vinyl with Brown, Blue and Red Sprays. Also includes a Black vinyl cape. $65 each.


Vanilla Filled Oatmeal Foster

An ice cream sandwich with a taste for the unexpected, Foster is just waiting for his next bite, all the while trying to avoid becoming a victim to his own desires. Super7's Oatmeal Foster is cast in Tan vinyl highlighted with Light Yellow, Brown and White sprays. $25 each.

Comic Ver Yellow Taoking

The signature Kaiju from Geof Darrow and Frank Miller's legendary comic Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot, Taoking has been reborn! Geof Darrow's Comic Ver Taoking is cast in Yellow vinyl with Light Yellow, Brown and White Sprays. $95 each.

100% Rockin' Out Le Turd

Not so much high-school friends, but friends by the keg, Le Turd taught Hollis how to rip it up on a skateboard. Let's get Turdical! Le Merde's Rockin' Out Le Turd is cast in Beige vinyl with Green, Black, Blue and Red sprays. $35 each.

Midnight Craving Patty Power

An interstellar traveller with places to go, Patty Power is the cheeseburger of your wildest dreams. Arbito's Midnight Craving Patty Power is cast in Pearl Dark Blue vinyl with Black, Pink, Light Blue and Silver sprays. $35 each.


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