Posted by Nick November 15, 2011

Week 2 of Clutters Designer Toy Run in partnership with GoldRun sees some more awesome toys added to the great augmented reality scavenger hunt! Added to your hunt this week are toys like Erick Scarecrows Soopa Coin-Up Bros, Triclops Rene London Dunny, Carrot Shake Jake by Gary Ham and many more so get out there and get collecting for a chance to win some of our toy prize fund standing over 250 strong!

More figures unveiled in the app this week include: Gloomy To-Fu from Mori Chack and Devilrobots, Armybot/SLAM/Aidamon by MAD, Scanton Robot by Gus Fink, Omi White by Luke Cheuh as well as the full Omi series and DIY by Munky King.

Clutter x GoldRun minisite




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