Posted by Nick November 09, 2011

I really really love these jerseys from UK graffiti artist INSA and cycling jersey manufacturer Milltag. You're no doubt already familiar with INSA's work and all 12 of these jersey colourways relate to the last girls on bikes project we blogged about here at Clutter. Milltag are a cycling jersey manufacturer, also here in the UK, mostly known for their collaborations with artists like McFaul, Waste and Hellomatt.

I was all set to buy one of these as soon as they were posted up today, but unfortunately the one thing that hadn't been announced pre-release was the price and as it turns out it was over what i'm prepated to spend - the price of these awesome jerseys is £150. Yeah they are super limited, I understand that but personally i'm not prepared to spend that much on a jersey i'd sweat in. For those interested my breaking point was going to be £100 which was based on the knowledge that all of their other collaborative jerseys are £70. I thought the INSA name, art and exclusivity would add a chunk to the price, but i had not anticipated it more than doubling the price and for a pretty specificly designed garment that's just pumped out on an inkjet type printer i think that's a tad extreme. 

I have no doubt they will all sell, and that's awesome for Milltag and INSA and i am genuinely jealous of those of you out there that have bought one, but £150 buys me a whole lot of cycling gear, or any other gear for that matter. And for that reason i'm glad i didnt take the plunge. In fact I really like the idea of producing my own designed jersey, i'd be interested in knowing how much that costs through Milltag!

Jerseys are up now on the Milltag site for order - they have super limited stock so your order may not guarantee the jerseys availability - you will be contacted by them. All jerseys made to order so you'll have to wait 5-6 weeks for it also.



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