Posted by Nick November 14, 2011

Ok i'm in a slighly less ranty mood now - no more hate today. In fact a lil bit of love to start off with, love for the gigantic version of Kid Dragon by Sam Flores. A tad expensive at around $6k but this kinda toy is not made to be affordable, this is strictly for those who can afford it

"Standing just under five feet tall, the Large Format fiberglass Kid Dragon was a natural extension to Sam Flores' artful creations - now, as a sculptural element and subsequent  installation piece for the savvy collector.  The Loyal Subjects had originally released the Kid Dragon as a celebrated art collectible back in 2009 - featuring 5 color ways, all which sold out immediately to much fan fare.  

The addition of the large format multiple made perfect sense - now the collector can experience the elegant lines, symmetry, detail and emotion in "real life" size.  Like the original figure, which was based off of Sam Flores' painting featured in Sam's solo show @ Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Gallery in 2009, the Fiberglass piece is broken into three parts.  Now, more effective than ever, the Kid Dragon can be moving through space in a real time and place.  The features can be placed throughout your home, loft, apartment or store and you can follow the Dragon from tail to nose as he glides in an ethereal and lucid manner through space."

The Orange Kid Dragon Edition is limited to TEN pieces.  A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with each sculpture.  The Kid Dragon will retail anywhere from $6,500-$5,500.00USD. A perfect edition to a growing collector's collection.  Available to ship right before Christmas.


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