Posted by Erica December 09, 2011

Elina Vartianinen is proud to announce the release of her first toy Bully the Alpha Male.She is a graphic designer and illustrator and has been blogging and publishing her own plush toy designs under the name Pretty Disturbed.

“I got tired of watching from the side as other people made all kinds of cool art projects. So in January 2011 I decided to create my own brand and toy” says Vartianinen.

Bully the Alpha Male, or BAM as Vartianinen likes to call him, “is mean, crude and ruthless. He absolutely hates everyone. The source of his aggression can be found by turning him around and peaking into his brain…”

BAM is a plush toy and is 100% handmade, screen printed and sewn by Vartianinen herself. Bully the Alpha Male is the first of the collectable plush Pretty Disturbed Toys.




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