Posted by Devin December 06, 2011

One of my favorite poster artists Jermaine Rogers has some awesome new prints coming out to rock December. His new “Stairway to Heaven” print is a perfect blend of rock poster nostalgia and Jermaine’s own unique style. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Zeppelins’ seminal album, 8 artists were asked to interpret a different Zeppelin song and Jermaine’s vision of Stairway is perfect.  

The print comes in 3 limited editions: an artist’s edition signed and numbered of only 120 pieces featuring a beautiful fade and insane detail. Then there’s a foil edition of 40 that features holographic laser foil entwined in the paisley for that extra bit of psychedelic. And finally a wood block edition of a mere 10 which is meticulously printed on white birch.

Here’s what Jermaine says about the print.

"What does ‘Stairway To Heaven’ look like? I’ll admit, I’m still not quite sure: there are as many interpretations for this song as there are individuals who’ve heard it. For me, it’s a song drenched in ‘duality’. It lyrically defines two paths: the choice to follow some ‘script’ in life, dictated by dogma, tradition, or teaching OR the option of trusting the inner voice, the ‘humming’ in your head.

I believe that there is energy within each one of us that naturally attempts to sync up with the pulsing of the universe, the grid connecting everything and everyone in existence. As a race of beings, we’ve become so very distracted over the ages that we’ve gradually forgotten how to ‘hear’ it. I think the song celebrates the option to ‘listen very hard’ & to follow the primal music in your head.

Still, the choice is ours...and the image I created is dominated by that same aspect of duality. Two paths. You can try to cheat the game and buy the ‘stairway to heaven’...or you can surrender to the wheel of fortune and just live it out day by day."-Jermaine


Jermaine also has a new 7 color print entitled ‘Eden’ available. Featuring a more scientifically faithful interpretation of Adam and Eve, the print has already had a bit of controversy. These people promising to pray for Jermaine are obviously not familiar with his work.  I love the way he explains his print. Smart and totally in the spirit of rock and roll.

“Isaac Asimov once said the following: "Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

I won't try and re-state this, as it would disrespect the flawless aspect of the quote. I do believe that one day, human beings will look back at our time and marvel at the relentless way some of us held on to well-worn stories and beliefs in the face of emotionless science. In the week since this poster was released at the show, I've received several interesting emails, from one accusing me of pushing a 'personal agenda' in an arena (a concert poster) where it was 'inappropriate', to another saying that they knew I had a 'good heart' and that they would pray for me.


I just think it's an interesting exercise to dress old stories of 'faith' in a bit more of a 'factual' clothing. Call it a compromise. ;)

And to anyone else who thinks it's improper of me to make personal statements, push personal 'agendas', etc. in my artwork, just because it's on some 'concert poster'...well, you haven't seen some of my work from the past. And, man...if THIS print bothers you, you're going to absolutely HATE some of what I've got planned for 2012: it's an election year! Don't tell me rock and roll has nothing to do with social issues and politics: rock and roll EXISTS because of these things.” - Jermaine

Be sure to keep an eye out at on Friday December 9th for your chance to get these exclusive prints.

Devin “Spicy Donut” Lawson


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