Posted by Erica January 02, 2012

Artist Shawn Smith is still riding high on the success of his awesome app “Ninjatown: Trees of Doom”. But for the year 2012 Shawn has teamed up, once again, with Pickle King Productions to release another iDevice App called “Ninja Builder”!  Ninja Builder lets you customize your own Ninja in the super stylized fashion that Shawn Smith’s Ninjatown Mascots are known for. You can build your Ninja however you want! There are a variety of body colors, accessories, foods, weapons and so much more. When you have finished your own ninja masterpiece you can save it and show it off to your peeps on Twitter and Facebook or save it to your photos to make it your background! Oh and by the way, its FREE, FREE, FREE! So get ready to let your creative juices flow and start to build your Ninja today!




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